The Census includes these populations:
1.1 All Thais residing in Thailand on the Census date (September 1, 2010);
1.2 Thai government soldiers, officers, diplomats and their families who are stationed outside of Thailand;
1.3 Non-Thais/aliens residing in Thailand for at least three months prior to the Census date;
1.4 Thais/non-Thais/aliens, who have a permanent residence in Thailand but temporarily traveled outside the country on the Census date.

The Census does not include:
- Foreign government officials, soldiers, diplomats and their families who are residing in Thailand;
-  Non-Thais/aliens who have been present in Thailand less than three months prior to the Census date.
-  Refugees or displaced persons in government holding facilities.

The Census includes these households:
All structures throughout the country used as a place of residence of the population, including private houses, buildings,  public housing, rooms in office buildings, domiciles under bridges, etc


Population and Housing
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